The Yoga Retreat


We are located in the Northwest of Koh Phangan, Thailand. We offer the best facilities for your yoga practices and help you lead a healthy and balanced life. We offer exclusive 6 to 30-day yoga retreats, Hatha flow, Ashtanga Mysore and Yin Yoga for our students. We also have vegan, veggie, raw restaurant and 3 to 14-day detox packages for our customers.

Our Yoga Retreat, nestled in the jungle, provides a natural healing and nurturing environment which equips you with the right tools to practice yoga and maintain a healthy life. The retreat is a 10-minute walk from Haad Salad beach. The more detailed directions are given in the end.

As we believe in self-healing, we guide our students and offer them tools to become self-aware and cause their own positive physical, mental and spiritual transformation. This change in themselves helps pave the way for a balanced and controlled life. We focus on Alignment, breathing techniques (Pranayama), Yoga (asana), mind control techniques (meditation), chanting (mantra) and energetic locks (bandhas). Our Yoga Retreat can serve as a serene tropical holiday for beginners as well as professional Yoga teachers.

Customized Yoga Packages

You can stay at our Yoga Retreat from 6-30 days. We have all the facilities like hot water, fans, mosquito screens etc. to keep you comfortable.
Our basic Yoga package includes daily Yoga philosophy, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama breathing, chanting and meditation.
You can customize your package and add Yin or Hatha Yoga to it for an added cost.
We also offer detox programs with or without accommodation. We flush out the waste of your body and detox it using natural techniques which do not include chemical or medical elements. We also cleanse the colon, liver and gallbladder through the detox and provide you detox diet which includes all-fluid, all-raw food.


What is Detox?

Detox is a way to give a break to your digestive system so that your body can utilize that energy to revive the other systems of your body. This results in more energized body systems which lead to healthier life. A detox requires a serene nurturing place where your body feels lightened and your mind is refreshed.

Our Yoga Retreat

Take a waiting taxi from Thong Sala pier that is heading towards Chaloklum or Haad Salad beach. Just after the Haad Salad turns off, you will find us up on the main road which heads Northwest.

In 2000, the Yoga Retreat owners created their home and established their business in Thailand. They believe the amalgam of yoga and dance to be the real secret of true physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. They utilized their experience and love for these techniques to help people lead a balanced life.

Koh Pagan offers scores of interesting things to the explorers. It has mesmerizing beaches and waterfalls and you can enjoy diving, boat trips, hiking and dancing too. In your leisure time, you are welcome to explore the exquisite views and activities that Koh Phangan offers.

Yoga Retreat Thailand