yoga retreat thailand


We have a list of programs including Yoga courses, Teacher Training Courses, Retreats and Workshops. You can find all our programs here and plan the programs of your choice in Koh Phangan, Thailand.


About Us:

We are a natural spiritual university providing holistic health and healing programs as we aim towards reviving the true essence of Yoga by conducting workshops, training, courses and retreats. We provide a path that leads towards transformation and evolution.

We are teachers and facilitators who want to bring Yoga practices to life by combining effective ancient spiritual philosophies with modern-day techniques. We are an authentic spiritual university which helps the today’s Yogi to understand the deep spiritual effects of Yoga and to gain a balanced and healthy life.

As everyone wants to live life to their fullest, even though they are away from a Yoga mat. Therefore, we provide a detailed plan, to provide support to our passionate students, which can be implemented in everyday life and helps the individuals in leading a balanced, awakened and harmonious life.

Level 1 Yoga Intensive

Level 1 Intensive is our signature course which is taken by all of our new students. Till now, thousands of our students have completed this course. It spans 150 hours and teaches the basics of Yoga theory as well as facilitates individuals to initiate the Yoga practice at home.

The course retreat spans one month and is an amalgam of theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of Hatha Yoga. The course not only tells about the physical postures but also practices meditation, discusses the breathing techniques and guides about activation of psychic energy centres. It also gives in-depth knowledge regarding the philosophy of Yoga.

Teacher Training Programs:

Our teacher training programs consist of expert practitioners, renowned facilitators and certified trainers who are available to help you become a skilled Yoga practitioner. They cover a wide range of options to allow you to understand Yoga in its full spectrum and enable you to deliver the world-class Yoga expertise to the world.
Teacher Training Course:

This course spans 5 weeks and 200 hours and certifies you to teach the Hatha Yoga system to people all over the world. This course gives you comprehensive knowledge of Hatha Yoga and distinguishes you from thousands of Yoga studios which only teach the physical posture and exercises.

This course will help you become a successful Yoga practitioner and instructor as you will have all the mental and physical tools at your disposal. We are super-excited about this course as it will enable individuals to deliver the benefits of Hatha Yoga in a modern way to cope with the modern lifestyles.

yoga retreat thailand