Massage Brisbane



Pure Gain offers the kind of treatments that rejuvenates your health and harmony. Our treatment sessions aim to get you responsive, fit, disease-free, and enjoying life. Both massage and acupuncture are the type of healing modalities that have been practiced for thousands of years simply because they work. Floating is a new form of therapy which is a further option to provide all-round benefits to the mind and body. With 25 years of practical knowledge and experience, we aim to help your body maintain its good living and good health.

Acupuncture in Brisbane

Our acupuncture sessions make use of the finest needles to provide the most gentle and effective treatment.

Acupuncture is a type of alternative medicine that is practical for everybody, even those not keen on needles. We use techniques that are kind to children and our treatments do not cause trauma or pierce the skin. Heat is applied at certain points to help achieve a balancing and totally nurturing treatment. Cupping is a further treatment option.

Acupuncture helps to regulate the energy balance of the body. Our skilled acupuncturists can help relieve blockages, balance energy, and influence all levels of the body, including the psycho-emotional, physiological and musculoskeletal levels.

Massage in Brisbane

We have built up 12 years of experience in relaxation, energetic, sports and remedial massage in Brisbane.

Rebecca works to skilfully and sensitively release built up tightness and encourages the release without leading to further tension or stress in the process. Every treatment session is entirely tailor-made to the individual.

Her skills and know-how mean it is possible to conduct targeted treatments for deep release and her sensitive approach relies on gentle techniques. Rebecca will work with you to deliver exactly what you need.

She has a special interest in targeting shoulder and neck tension, as well as working with pain in the lower back area. Safe and effective treatments are offered to pregnant women in need of remedial and relaxation sessions.

Rebecca embraces the all-round restorative potential of massage therapy and asks that you join in with this positive experience too.

Float tank in Brisbane

Floating is a simple process of lying in a highly concentrated solution of magnesium sulphate in a floatation tank. You lie effortlessly in the tank and drift into a blissful state. The tank with its 30 cm of water is kept at a stable skin temperature of 34.5° C.

The skins nerve endings aren’t able to detect any sense of separation between the silky mineral bath and the skin.

You float in the tank with gentle ambient music, or if you prefer, in complete silence.

The floatation tank is dark, but you have the option to use a light if this is preferable.

David – Acupuncture Specialist

David is a nationally recognized and qualified acupuncturist who has been helping people on the road to recovery since 2000, using manual and acupuncture therapies.

Rebecca – Massage Therapist

Rebecca has a passion for treating people using a combination of regular yoga practice with acupuncture, floating and massage, and has been healing since 2004.

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