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Health Retreats in Koh Phangan


A holistic health and healing center that is based in Koh Phangan, Thailand, our motto is to help people in creating a life that is meaningful from physical, emotional and mental transformation by making use of natural and everlasting approaches.
By leveraging on the underlying wisdom of Yoga Therapy and the benefits of modern medicine, we aim to come up with an environment that promotes self-healing, which in turn serves to be highly beneficial to ensure the overall well-being of an individual.
The programs we have are designed by taking into consideration a variety of health challenges and it is applicable across all Western lifestyles.


There are numerous modalities that are used by our trained consultants to train the visitors. We also recommend based on the sole aim to integrate the connection between the mind and the body. As per experience, it is proven that the approach we follow is highly effective and natural.

With the specialized workshops we have to offer, you will embark on a journey that applies yoga on different health areas. It is highly recommended for beginners and even highly experienced practitioners. We offer both individual and group classes.

Teacher Training
The Agama Yoga Teacher Training is led by the popular trained doctor from the West – Maha Ananda and this program is spread across 450 hours to integrate mainstream medicine along with Yoga to address the entire spectrum of an individual.
We, at Agama, offer retreats based on a variety of health and therapy based aspects. In our retreats, we include the practical tools along with therapeutic yoga practices so that the knowledge is strengthened further. We highly recommend that you consider this as a retreat, by maintaining silence to the maximum extent possible.

Nadi Healing Touch
Nadi is a union of traditional Yoga along with ancient Thai massage techniques, which gives an awareness of the nadi energy of the system that is channelized in human beings. You can use the art of touch to improve the prana circulation in your body, increasing your energy levels significantly, leading to better health and vitality among the individuals.

REIKI Healing in Koh Phangan, Thailand
Reiki is a concept that is based on vibrational healing therapy and it invokes the body’s natural healing responses by deep relaxation and channelizing the energy of your life force.
By practicing Reiki, an individual is at a greater balance at multiple levels and it is beneficial for any individual who gets the treatment, leaving them with a sense of calm and they will start feeling revitalized immediately, giving you a better perspective in life.

The Reiki Treatment
You have to lie down with all your clothes and the practitioner would gently place their hands above you in a sequential manner, which is often called as the receiver-driven practice. With the practitioner facilitating the movement of energy within your body, your body would start responding automatically.

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