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Bay Villas Koh Phangan, Thailand

koh phangan villas

Exclusive holiday villa rentals with quality services and hospitality, we meet your needs every time.
At Bay Villas Koh Phangan, we make your dreams come true, with our array of luxurious Outdoor/indoor living. We are just minutes away from the gorgeous sandy shores of Haad Salad beach on Koh Phangan’s North-west coast

About Us
In the year 2008, the Bay Residence Koh Phagan was created. Initially, it was a development project to promote the “Bay Villa” concept, which was designed by Chapman Taylor, a multi-award winning architect. The project quickly turned to be a huge success, as it became one of the most successful villa rental and management business in Thailand.

At Bay Villas Koh Phangan, our priority is the make our clients happy with our high level of friendliness and hospitality, and we are focused on offering our clients great care during their long or short stay.
Our management team is very experienced, the level of services that we offer is very consistent with our values. We have the best team of engineers and housekeepers to ensure that your stay is a memorable one.
To make your stay a dream come true, we provide an array of services such as breakfast delivery, in-villa spa, transfer services directly from Samui Airport to your villa and the delivery of rental vehicles to your villa. Another of our priorities is to provide the best holiday experience for you.

Koh Phangan’s endless white sandbars gave the island its unique name and attraction. With so many crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, coconut groves, and awesome golden sunsets. With over 70% devoted national parkland in Koh Phangan, be rest assured that the national awesomeness of the island will forever be maintained.
Bay residence came to limelight in the year 2008 and has built several villas in the vicinity. Our project team is highly experienced with a proven track record in construction. Our objective is to be the top villa development partners in Koh Phangan and to make sure that the Island continues to develop non-stop.

Luxury 3/4 bedroom villas with reserved infinity pool
Premier locality with magnificent sunset ocean views
Fully managed secured development
Chapman Taylor architectural design
Open-plan living with recessed outdoor dining and lounge
Engage yourself in the culture, history, and beauty of southern Thailand, the place to escape from all the hustles of life. Enjoy the enchanting waterfalls and the national parks, the 40 Angthong Marine Park islands where the best scuba diving and snorkeling in Asia can be enjoyed.
In Thailand, we are proud of our beautiful culture and traditions, and we have a concept of life called “sanook” which means that life should be enjoyable and fun. The mystical Koh Phangan Island called “The Royal Stream” by His Highness, King Rama V is now a center of attraction with its reputation known far and wide. It’s among the few remaining islands rich with Thai culture and history, having gone through sensitive development, It has retained its original charm and a sense of real island living.

Bay Villas Koh Phangan, Thailand