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Koh Phangan, Thailand – Vegetarian and Vegan Food
Welcome to Evolution Yogi Café, where we offer whole vegetarian food in a restaurant that serves entirely healthy food daily. We started this café in a bid to improvise on our body with the essence of fresh and natural food, which comprises of using ingredients that have been use since years now. Energy has the greatest source of energy for us in the form of food and our restaurant strongly believes in serving the best vegan and vegetarian recipes that are derived from the local delicacies served in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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Workshops for Food Evolution and Nutrition
When you come on the first Friday, there will be a Nutrition Yogi Overview, where you are introduced to the impact of diet in the yogic world and how advantageous it would be for you to include in your yogic practice.

During the second Friday, it is all about juicing, where you are made aware of the benefits juices have on your enzymes and how liquid nutrition plays a vital role in your diet, along with the common myths associated with juices and aspects to consider while on a fast.
The third Friday is more about proteins, which speaks in volumes about how important proteins are and about our daily protein intake, the different sources of protein and the vegan/vegetarian types of proteins.

On the fourth Friday, the yogic diets such as Ayurveda, macrobiotic food etc. and how they influence the diet or you can have your diet in a manner that best suits you and how they can set our bodies on transformational paths, changing us in all walks of life.

When you visit the Evolution Yogi Café, you will be invited to a wonderful tropical paradise island located in Koh Phangan, Thailand and we are typically sold out at all times owing to the wonderful food we serve.

There is a wonderful and clean balancing menu we have for our guests that will help to suit their preference and dietary requests, as different people have different preferences. With a wide range of picks ranging from smoothies, fresh juices, raw foods, grounding foods etc. you can figure out what suits your body the best and start following a diet accordingly.

To further enhance the concept underlying Enolution Yogi Café, we are planning to come up with Food-Evolution Nutrition Workshops so that you get to experiment on your body and see the evolution based on the food you eat. The workshops last for two hours each and it ends with a hands-on, discussion and you can wind the session up by having something delicious from the items available at the Yogi Café menu.
With the serene environment of Sri Thanu along with Evolution Yogi Café, you can have a wonderful transformation of your body, soul and your overall life. we will be glad to have you over and see you transform on this wonderful journey of time.
Feel free to stop by for some incredible vegan and vegetarian food in Koh Phangan.

Vegetarian cafe Koh Phangan